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LANDx Developments’ services are designed to help you through every step of the investment and development process. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve for land development industry trends and we ask the relevant questions.

Depending on the location and type of project, new trends and legislation have facilitated changes in urban design. In Ontario, for example, the Provincial Policy Statement, as well as Brownfield and Green Belt legislation, have guided municipalities towards building higher density neighbourhoods and revitalizing urban cores. This type of trend in development and legislation (smart growth principles) exists in many provinces across Canada as well.

For land development, the game has changed, turning the focus from building on undeveloped land (such as agricultural lands and other plots near municipal boundaries) to the urban core. This poses new questions, new environmental considerations, different risk profiles, new stakeholder groups to communicate with, and a variety of legislation to consider. This is where our passion and experience intersect.

Project Management

Our project management services include consultant team coordination, working with political contacts for the city, region or province, and managing sales and marketing. We provide both direction and oversight for consultant teams across all phases of the development project, from advisory and feasibility planning to project closeout. We will also use our network of political contacts to help gather support and backing for the project. In addition, we can manage and promote your sales and marketing plan, helping to define the project in the marketplace, create distinction and generate prospects for sales.

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Planning and Development Applications

We have significant experience in preparing and submitting various planning and development applications such as Official Plan Amendments, Zoning By-law Amendments and Site Plan Approvals in various municipalities across Ontario. We utilize the expertise of our certified on-staff Planner to assist clients through the approvals process. Our familiarity with the planning approval process and proper discourse with municipal representatives help in avoiding costly and time-consuming resubmissions or iterations. We look to optimize the development through aggressive concepts, while still balancing rapport with planning staff to ensure less resistance.

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Due Diligence

We can provide clients with rigorous background research and due diligence to assist in identifying new acquisition opportunities. Our preliminary assessment and detailed review will help to optimize purchase price and development potential. Our assessment can be as detailed as required and can include meetings with relevant directors at the City or Town, if necessary.

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Pro-Forma Analysis and Cash Flow

We want to help guide your investment to maximize profitability and ensure sufficient cash flow. We do this through a Pro-Forma analysis and an assessment of project financials. A proper budget will allow you to take the correct approach to your development, laying out an accurate sales target and construction cost. This will also help confirm the development potential while helping to identify any potential challenges in the early planning stages. This analysis will help form the basis for potential project financing.

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Budget Tracking

We will submit a comprehensive analysis of project status in the form of a monthly report. This will include financial reconciliation of progress to date, an evaluation of schedule as it relates to progress to date and a forecast of cost to complete. We will also report cost codes and monthly reporting to owners. This needs to be done accurately and efficiently to keep the project’s cash flow running smoothly.

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We have both a chartered accountant and an MBA on our team to assist in your applications for all financial requirements. This can include applying and negotiating a land loan, mezzanine debt, construction loan or bonding of deposits. We are able to provide you with a number of options to fund the costs of your project, thanks to our project management and finance backgrounds. We can help you efficiently complete draw reports to be submitted to the project monitor and lenders.

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We can provide full accounting assistance for your project, including the management of general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable posting. We can assist in the preparation of detailed financial statements, handle any required government remittances, and assist on year-end audits. Meaningful and well organized financial records will ensure your project runs efficiently on a daily basis.

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Residential projects must be registered with Tarion. We can assist with this by working with the B19 consultant to ensure all reporting requirements are met. Once a project is complete, developers must have excellent follow up on deficiencies so their track record with Tarion continues to improve. This allows a developer to leverage their experience in the future and reduce deposits required when bonding the project. We can assist with PDIs, 30-day warranty forms, 1-year warranty forms, Performance audit review, and Turnover requirements to the Condo Corp.

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The financial success of real estate projects often involves tapping into government incentives and tax increment financing programs. This is especially true for land that requires remediation (known as Brownfield). Our team is experienced in both applying for and managing large government grants and loans, helping to improve the financial feasibility of your development project.

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