Potential Expansion of GO Service to Niagara Falls a Major Benefit to Local Growth


Planning related to the potential expansion of regular GO Train service to Niagara Region is presently ongoing, and momentum for the project is beginning to pick up speed. Public support continues to grow, as the Province eyes the development of new station locations in Grimsby, St. Catharines, and Niagara Falls. Expansion of this service into the Niagara Region has the potential to create new employment opportunities, improve congestion on the QEW, and support greater connectivity throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Downtown Niagara Falls Go Transit Station Secondary Plan

In March of 2018, Niagara Falls City Council approved the Downtown Niagara Falls GO Transit Station Secondary Plan. This plan laid out policies respecting land use, transportation and municipal infrastructure improvements required for developing a new GO station in the heart of the downtown core. A number of municipal infrastructure improvements were explored in the Secondary Plan, including the extension of Thorold Stone Road further south into the downtown area, offering significant opportunity for Niagara land development.

Opportunity for Niagara Land Development

Extension of this key Regional roadway will lead to improved connectivity with 72-acres of nearby vacant employment lands, which have been identified by the City as having significant redevelopment potential. Remediation, servicing and planning approvals for these employment lands are presently underway. The extension of Thorold Stone Road and subsequent expansion of regular GO train service to Niagara Falls will assist in catalyzing the development of light industrial and service commercial land uses in this area, leading to significant economic benefits for the City of Niagara Falls and Niagara Region. LANDx Developments has worked closely with owners of the project, steadily guiding the redevelopment of these lands from vision, into reality.

Moving Forward

While the new provincial government has yet to formally state a position on the proposed expansion, MTO, municipal staff and Metrolinx continue with the planning and design process. Many will keep a keen eye on this project throughout its development due to the significant potential presented by the expansion of regular GO train service into Niagara Region and the Niagara Falls downtown core.

Service expansion into Niagara Falls is anticipated in 2023.

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